Team Mysa’s Madhav Kota adjudged the Most Valuable Player of the Sreenidhi University Telangana Premier Golf league 2021! 

Hyderabad, October 5th 2021: The last of the SREENIDHI UNIVERSITY TELANGANA PREMIER GOLF LEAGUE 2021 five qualifying rounds have been completed. The league sponsored by Sreenidhi University and powered by Magnifiq Securities, HDFC and NMDC; has 5 qualifying Rounds in the league stage. The two teams qualifying from each division play in the 3 Rounds of Knock out/playoff matches of Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals.

On completion of the qualifying rounds, a player who got the maximum cumulative points during the league qualifying rounds is adjudged as the Most Valuable Player (MVP). A Most valuable player award is an honour bestowed upon an individual as the most performing player in the entire league. The Captain of Team MYSA, Mr. MADHAV KOTA has been adjudged as the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER of the Sreenidhi University Telangana Premier Golf league 2021; with cumulative 8.5 points over 5 rounds. Madhav, Captain of Team Mysa, played spectacular golf, winning almost all his matches, thereby ensuring a slot in the quarter finals for his team. He will be awarded the prize on October 9th at a gala prize distribution event along with the league winners.

Dr. Vijayanand Reddy and Dr. Rahul Varma who had cumulative 8 points each in 4 rounds came in as close 2nd, followed by Sanjay Chowdary, Narahari Varma, Ram Mohan, Bhushan and Jayanth Tagore; also with 8 points each in 5 rounds. Overall, the league saw some spectacular and high-quality golf, generating immense interest towards the sport.

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