National Coach for Muay Thai India Balkrishan Shetty applauds Ramagya Sports Academy for world-class infrastructure

Ramagya Sports Academy – A harbinger of the changing scenario of MMA as a sport in India

Delhi-NCR: One of the pioneers in the field of sports, Ramagya Sports Academy has earned a huge appreciation for its state-of-the-art sports infrastructure from Mr. Balkrishan Shetty (National Coach for Muay Thai India), who was recently invited to Ramagya Sports Academy to share his views on the changing scenario of MMA in India and what the upcoming inclusion of MMA in Olympics 2024 means for the country. Mr. Bala Shetty has won the National Muay Thai Championship for a period of 8 years. He is 8 times undefeated national champion and 6 times Asian Games medallist. His long-standing excellence in MMA has inspired innumerable young sports enthusiasts to start their journey in MMA sport. Mr. Bala Shetty talked about the growing popularity of MMA sport in India and the pressing need for good trainers and facilities to help put Indian fighters on the world map.

After travelling across the world, Mr. Bala noticed a lack of good infrastructure and facilities in our country to meet the appetite of India’s new generation of fighters. In conversation with Ramagya Sports Academy, however, he applauded the state-of-the-art sports infrastructure and training par excellence in 35+ sports, at Ramagya Sports Academy, making it the best sports academy in Noida. He was also very impressed by the first-of-its-kind approach of Ramagya School in fostering sports education at the grass-root level, something missing in Indian schools to help students thrive as sportspersons at the international level. Impressed by Ramagya’s tremendous energy, he now plans to bring fine Indian athletes under one roof at Ramagya Sports Academy as he believes this will sharpen their performances. He also offered critical hints to people inspiring to take MMA as a sport professionally, emphasising the significance of the proper steering and training to excel in MMA, which is well-provided at the Ramagya Sports Academy – Noida’s top sports academy. He additionally highlighted how MMA is a practical and efficient method of self-defence, which is a crucial life skill for all individuals. He said self-defence ought to be imperative to high school curriculum, as followed by Ramagya School.

Established in 2009, Ramagya Sports Academy has already established itself as the Best sports academy in Noida and is ranked amongst the top 10 Sports Academies in India. The academy offers top-notch training in 35+ sports under the guidance of professionals who have won over 36000 medals. Furthermore, they are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and international facilities in the most congenial atmosphere. To inspire and support young talent in achieving their dreams, the academy inculcates a strong spirit of participation in sports that enables players to realise and demonstrate their true potential. Another reason for its widespread popularity is the academy’s belief that every child should be encouraged to participate in a multi-sport program to develop confidence and be a well-rounded athlete. With the endeavour to integrate sports and education to encourage young sports enthusiasts, the academy offers special access to the students of Ramagya School to play, learn and enhance their physical fitness through engagement in varied sports activities at the academy.

Ramagya Sports Academy is committed to providing world-class training in sports, backed by the best infrastructure and expert coaches to judge and carve distinctive talent. They help their valuable members understand sports ethics and the habit of fair play. Their unceasing passion for providing a holistic value-based sports education for all has won hearts from all corners. For these reasons, Ramagya Sports Academy is considered to be one of the best sports academies in India.

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